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Phase i - The Cloud Broker Platform has been implemented at TERENA offices to prototype a Trusted Cloud Drive service. It has a storage back-end (local file system / Amazon S3) and a local metadata store. The service access is federated however, only the selected users can access the service during the pilot period. If you want to participate in the pilot, please check the Phase ii section of the Wiki.

The pilot service has been demonstrated at TNC2012

Lightning talk by Peter Szegedi - Watch the TERENAtube video.


Cisco Symposium: Cloud – Opportunity or Threat

This video shows you how to access and use the TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive pilot service.

The current system installation at TERENA is depicted below

The Web interface is available at

The WebDAV interface is available at

Clicked on the link above and didn't work? Correct, because the service is only available for the pilot participants. Join Phase ii to get access.

Code and documentation

Source code and documentation is available on Github under Apache Licenses, Version 2.0

If you want to participate, go and visit Phase ii

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