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  LAST UPDATED: Feb 27 2023

Welcome to the Digital Health area for the international community of NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) and other relevant organisations. ( SIG-eHealth )

eHealth is a thematic area of common interest across various projects and activities and covers a variety of sub-topics and fields. Content here is a first step towards exploring this area together more collaboratively as a community.

Upcoming SIG-eHealth meetings:   TBD for 2023.

eventdateFocus topicEvents page linkContributors
SIG-eHealth 1June 5, 2023 Joint workshop on eHealthhttps://events.geant.org/event/1410/
SIG-eHealth 2TBD

SIG-eHealth 3TBD

Past events:

Previous: Task Force description and work plan:

Working shared document at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LVEKwiRtij0RmZDQ_3Lh_tGuw2FBQyqceO0xv2V8oMU/edit?usp=sharing

eHealth Mailing list


Relevant GCC Meetings

23rd GCC Meeting 20210210

24th GCC Meeting 20210512

25th GCC Meeting 20210630

26th GCC Meeting 20211019-20

Steering Committee

TF Steering Committee

Presentations on GÉANT eHealth Task Force and related activities

Key Documents on eHealth 

Relevant events on eHealth

Articles on Digital Health Strategies and eHealth

EU Commission public consultation on the European Health Data Space

Recent space activity

Space contributors


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