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At GÉANT believe it is crucial to engage, foster and develop future IT professionals. This sentiment holds true now, more than ever, as the sector undergoes a period of considerable growth.  As we are committed to the up-skilling of Europe’s future IT workforce, we have set up the GÉANT Future Talent Programme.

Future Talent Programme is a gateway to young professionals to meet the European and global networking community. The Programme offers young professionals an opportunity to grow and develop their skills through free webinar series, internships or coaching. Furthermore, it rewards the learning by offering free admission to international, prestigious events to those, whose work was recognised by an independent panel.

GÉANT learning and Development GLAD) teams up with GÉANT project partners to reach out and mentor young talented professionals to participate in one of our initiatives. Since the start in 2017 the Future Talent Programme had participation from 22 NREN, featuring 44 bright and young professionals. The programme is funded by the GÉANT Project.

We invite you to join.  

Who can participate in the FTP programmes?

Any young candidate nominated by a GÉANT Project NREN partner registered at a university or college in a GÉANT partner country.

How many candidates can NRENs  nominate for the programmes?
This depends per programme. For Lightning Talk and Poster Pursuit max 3. For TIM max 1 candidate per NREN a

What kind of candidates should you look for?
Ideal candidates are (recently) graduates, master and PhD students or young motivated professionals working in the NREN community who want to commit time and energy to learn and develop themselves beyond the basic university programme.

What do you need to send to Future Talent Programme to nominate a candidate?
The application procedure are explained on the specific programme pages. 

What will be your role as a host and mentor?

Your role as a mentor is to engage with your candidate on a regular basis, provide encouragement and advice during the programme and attend related events. If your candidate is selected to speak at TNC, we encourage you to support him or her at the conference. Travel cost for mentors can be funded. We ask the hosting NREN to support the candidate's travel arrangements. Candidates' travel and accommodation is funded by the programme and can be reclaimed from GLAD in GN4.3 following the normal GÉANT project claimant rules and procedures.

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