Mission statement

GP4L has 2 objectives:

  • It is primarily used to validate the software code inherently part of RARE open source routing stack
  • it is a service that is under development with the aim to provide experimental dataplane programming facilities where researchers can elaborate and test representative and geographically distributed network experiment

And this:

  • with the usage of RARE Operating System
  • or simply use a clean slate environment. (i.e use exclusively GP4L infrastructure without RARE dataplane & control plane)


GP4L name includes the word P4, for the simple reason that, for now, hardware deployed are programmable with P4 domain specific language.

However, we expect in the long run, to witness integration:

  • of  more type of equipment powered by different dataplane solution. (Broadcom NPL, Nvidia DPU, Mellanox SPECTRUM Asic, Xilinx FPGA etc. )
  • and also integration of powerful network management cluster
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