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Support Work Packages (WP1-3)

WP1Project Management
Tryfon Chiotistryfon.chiotis@geant.orgGÉANT Work Package Leader:
Head of PMO
WP1 Task 0WP Leadership
Tryfon Chiotistryfon.chiotis@geant.orgGÉANT Work Package
WP1 Task 1Project Governance, Management and Coordination 
Tryfon Chiotistryfon.chiotis@geant.orgGÉANT Task
WP1 Task 2Finance
Munya Shahwemunyaradzi.shahwe@geant.orgGÉANT Task
WP1 Task 3ICT
Linda Ness linda.ness@geant.orgGÉANT Task
WP1 Task 4Product Lifecycle Management 
Richard Luirichard.lui@geant.orgGÉANT Task
WP1 Task 5Human Capital Development
SarahÉANT Task
WP1 Task 6Procurement & Supplier Management 
Olaf Verschoorolaf.verschoor@geant.orgGÉANT Task

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