You may have noticed that eduroam DB v2.0.1 supports the exposure of location data in the IEEE 802.11 standard-compliant format, but the IEEE standard document itself is more complicated to get hold of. So, for the sake of all eduroam NROs (and organisations), here are some relevant IEEE 802.11-2012, clause Venue Info locations you can use.


RelevanceVenue GroupVenue Group Description
*0Unspecified (default)
*3Educational (should probably be default)

4Factory and Industrial


9Utility and Miscellaneous

More granular descriptions:

RelevanceVenue Group + TypeVenue Group Description
*1,0Unspecified Assembly
*1,3Airport, Bus, Ferry, Train Terminal

1,5Amusement Park

1,6Place of Worship
*1,7Conference Center




1,13Coffee Shop
*1,14Zoo or Aquarium
*1,15Emergency Coordination Center
*2,0Unspecified Business
*2,1GP or Dental Practice

*2,3Fire Station
*2,4Police Station

2,6Post Office
*2,7Company Office
*2,8Research and Development Facility

2,9Attorney Office
*3,0Unspecified Educational (should probably be default)
*3,1Primary School
*3,2Secondary School
*3,3University or College

4,0Unspecified Factory and Industrial

*5,0Unspecified Institutional
*5,2Care Home

5,3Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

5,4Group Home

5,5Prison or Jail

6,0Unspecified Commercial

6,1Retail Store

6,2Grocery Market

6,3Automotive Service Station

6,4Shopping Mall

6,5Gas Station
*7,0Unspecified Residential
*7,1Private Residence
*7,3Student Accommodation
*7,4Shared House

8,0Unspecified Storage

9,0Unspecified Utility and Miscellaneous

10,0Unspecified Vehicular

10,1Automobile or Truck


10,5Ship or Boat

10,7Motor Bike
*11,0Unspecified Outdoor
*11,1Public Mesh Network
*11,2City Park

11,3Rest Area

11,4Traffic Control
*11,5Bus Stop

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