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This page describes the functional flow and is provided to assist the design of merchant workflows in implementing the InAcademia academic validation service.

  • Release 4.0.1 (see SVS 4.0.1) removing support for sha-1 hash-based idp hints, deployed to production 5th January 2023.

High Level Functional flow

Detailed functional flow

In the following diagram, light blue represents the merchant web shop, grey blue is InAcademia functionality. 

The figure presents the 'happy' flow, ending in a successful validation, as displayed in green, as well the possible error scenarios represented in red or orange. The error situation where a institutional IdP, or the merchant redirect URL component cannot be reached because of network issues or similar are out of scope and control for InAcademia and will always yield an error in the users browser. The InAcademia service is part of a continuing development programme and additional features planned for the future are also captured below.

Entry Flow with Errors v4.0.1

InAcademia Entry Flow 3.3.0 - PUBLIC

Response Flow v4.0.1

InAcademia Response Flow 4.0.0 - PUBLIC

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