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Network eAcademy

is offering courses focused on the research and education community, with external references that can be useful for us and examples that can be closer to our use cases. It is training by the community for the community. All classes are online courses that you can follow and complete at your own pace.

Maturity Model

Use our Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV) Maturity Model to position yourself on your OAV journey

Get a quick look at your OAV progress in four main areas and subsections of our OAV Maturity Model by filling in the OAV MM Assessment survey.

OAV Terminology

It became evident during a number of discussions with the NREN community that there were different usages and understanding of various terms in the context of orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV). As a result, a Focus Group (FG) on ‘Terminology’ was established in GN4-3/WP6 to identify a list of relevant OAV terms and acronyms and provide short definitions for these terms. It was agreed that the definitions should be based on documents of standardisation bodies whenever possible. In all other cases the FG provided definitions based on internal discussions and surveys within the WP6-T2 consensus building team. The work was concluded with a document (pdf) that can serve as a guideline to members of the community in the ongoing effort to find commonalities and strategic visions for further OAV-work in GÉANT. All terms can also be found at OAV Terminology.

termiinology logo2

Campus Network Management-as-a-Service (CNaaS)

As managing campus networks requires repeatedly updating and configuring many devices remotely, the use of orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV) techniques is key for the success of campus network management services.

In order to facilitate such service, a CNaaS Service Definition Template/Checklist was developed and is now available for interested NRENs (pdf)/(docx).

For more information see also Deliverable D6.4: Campus Network Management.

image of a campus

Latest publications:

NREN Survey (pdf)

During April 2019, an NREN survey (pdf) was conducted, which drew 31 responses. A summary of the results was presented at the GN4-3 Future Services Strategy Workshop on 9th May 2019 in Amsterdam; see the PDF of the survey summary.

image of Strategy Workshop

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