The NGI_Trust Webinar series is an opportunity for a series of the NGI_Trust projects to present their results and talk about the future plans for the projects.  Each event will showcase 5-6 of the funded projects and give an opportunity for comments and reflections from coaches and mentors and the wider NGI community.

The 6th Webinar will be part of the NGI Forum side events agenda. Here you can find further information about the forum, the agenda and registration to the event.

Registration for this webinar is open (right date/time: 19th May from 15 to 17 CEST)

Project presented

Third party / representative

CryptPad SMCXwiki SAS - Aaron MacSween
CUBBITCubbit - Gianluca Granero
MQ2MTU Delft - Joshua Slater
SID:SO&C7Signals OÜ - Elena Tairova
COP-MODEJoao P. Vilela

Webinar Slides:

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