The NGI_Trust project supports the development of a human-centric Internet by developing a stronger European ecosystem of researchers, innovators and technology developers in the field of privacy and trust enhancing technologies. 

From January 2019 to May 2020, NGI_TRUST ran three rounds of open calls in order to select and providing financial support to the best projects submitted by third parties in a competitive manner.

57 projects have now been selected and the NGI_Trust consortium is now providing technical coaching, intellectual property and business mentoring support to the funded projects.

A short-presentation of NGI TRUST is available here.

The first open call for applications to NGI Trust opened on 1 February 2019 and closed on 30 April 2019.  109 proposals were received and 18 proposals were awarded, in total, funding of €2,112,723.  Further information on funded projects is available here

The second call opened on 1 October 2019 and closed on 1 December  2019.  79 proposals were received and 19 projects were selected and received a total funding of €1,581,672.67.  Further information on funded projects is available here.

The third open call was launched on 28 February 2020 and closed on 4 May 2020.  113 proposals were received and 20 projects were selected and received a total funding of €2,025,336.61.  Further information on funded projects is available here.

About us

The partnership for innovative technological solutions to ensure privacy and enhance trust for the human-centric Internet.


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NGI_Trust, the Next Generation Internet (NGI) project fostering the development of a human-centric internet through privacy and trust-enhancing technologies, announced the release of a new batch of six case studies, which showcase the impact of some of the most innovative among the 57 projects it supported.…
The NGI_Trust project team, NGI_Trust advisory board, representatives from the EC and members of the wider NGI family got together on the 26th February 2021 to hear the results of five of the projects funded by NGI_Trust and learn about their experiences within NGI. CAP-A,…
The NGI_Trust consortium set ambitious objectives to contribute to resolving a series of issues or exploring solutions that enhance privacy and trust for the Next Generation Internet. From 300 proposal received, 57 projects were selected for funding and awarded a total of just over €5.6m euro.…

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