This page gives IPR advice and FAQ for the NGI_Trust projects.  

Is the intellectual property (IP) information about my company/work I provide during the mentoring always secure and private?


All interactions among mentors and NGI_TRUST third-party project holders will be absolutely confidential.

Am I allowed to share the feedback I have received with my professional partners or my managers?


The final aim of this mentoring programme is to allow all participants from NGI_TRUST third-party projects to substantially improve their qualitative level of knowledge and to make the best use of intellectual property rights (IPR).

To this aim, selected participants to the sessions will be instructed keeping in mind a train-the-trainer methodology and, therefore, advised to share the notions and the know-how acquired during the support actions.

Is the IPR mentoring available only in an on-line format?

Not exclusively. Workshops and one-to-one meeting will also be part of the mentoring support on disposal. Organisation of them will be decided case by case, also exploiting the possibility to combine them with events and conferences.

How will the IPR coaching be organised?

A minimum if three coaching session will be organised for each funded third-party project during the lifetime of the NGI_TRUST. Project partners and/or external experts will conduct the coaching in accordance to the required expertise.

Case by case, participants will discuss with the coaches about their expectations for the mentoring, identifying knowledge needs and finding a common alignment on them. Coaches will differentiate the support in accordance with the participants’ identified needs.

In general coaching sessions will be organised on-line but also workshop and personal meetings will be organised during events on the occasion.

How I can access the NGI_TRUST IPR coaching?

NGI_TRUST project managers will directly contact each third-party project to organise the support when possible.

When a personal presence can be requested (in the case of workshops or one-to-one sessions), the project participants will be informed in due time. In case of impossibility for them to join a specific event, other solutions will be proposed.

Is the IPR coaching support compulsory?


NGI_TRUST third-party projects can autonomously decide to take part in the coaching sessions as part of their involvement in the project and depending on their needs.

Which are the benefits I should expect from the IPR coaching participation?

An active participation to the IPR coaching sessions will make third-party projects’ participants more aware of the legal possibilities to make best use of their intangible assets and acquire the most suitable and financially sound IP legal protection.

What language will the coaching be available in?

The official language of the NGI_TRUST is English and the IPR coaching so all follow-ups will be delivered in English. Nevertheless, for more informal contacts and conversation (especially during first sessions) coaches may decide, when possible and case by case, to talk in the language of the third-party projects’ preference.

Will be a paper documentation of the IPR coaching sessions available?


Coaches, when possible and especially during workshops and one-to one meetings, will be encouraged to provide take away documentation.

Is it possible to ask questions which are not dealing with IPR?

Not specifically during the IPR coaching sessions.

Other sessions concerning result exploitation will be organised as part of the support to be provided within the framework of the NGI_TRUST.

For all other questions not related to the areas of interest of the NGI_TRUST project, they will be considered as part of a different possible future support.

Is there a fee to pay for taking part into the IPR coaching sessions?


The coaching support is included in the general support provided by the NGI_TRUST project.

All third funded project may accede it at no cost.

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