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Several of the completed projects for NGI_Trust have worked with us to create case studies on the projects, their outcomes and their impact.  These are available below.

ProjectDescriptionCase Study Materials

FORTH and IN2 were funded to deliver the CAP-A project in the first call from NGI_Trust.

Solid legal regulations and technical countermeasures are not always sufficient to achieve society-wide impact on privacy protection; data protection can also be powered by the society itself. The CAP-A project is offering socio-technical tools to promote collective awareness and informed consent, whereby data collection and use by digital products are driven by the expectations and needs of the consumers. Theme-driven events aimed at rating the privacy friendliness of apps of specific categories and at annotating their Privacy Policy documents have helped us generate informative statistics about the behavior and mindset of citizens and the privacy-consciousness of mobile apps.


PY - Protect Yourself

PANGA was funded to deliver the PY project in the first call from NGI_Trust.

PyGuard is a cybersecurity project that protects individuals from online tracking. In the past decades, Big Tech companies have developed business models relying on the sale of our personal data. However, they represent a risk for our privacy, our freedom of choice and free-will, due to targeted ads, news and sponsored content. Furthermore, phishing and cyber attacks are increasing, while we introduce more and more numerous yet vulnerable connected devices into our homes.


7Signals was funded to deliver the SID:SO&C / SensioID project in the second call from NGI_Trust.

Sensio is open-source software for content creators (for now, mainly, photographers) to manage, protect and license their work. Simple, transparent and secure.

In the long run, Sensio's goal is to form a creative market where content creators are not bound to any platform and can set the terms for others to use their work without much effort. Where publishers, marketers and other creatives can acquire quality content directly from its authors in a few clicks.

As the first step towards this ambitious goal, within the scope of NGI Trust, the project has developed a tool that will help photographers to stay in charge of their work while publishing and sharing photos online.

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