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Network Management as a Service

Contact: nmaas@lists.geant.org

Portal: https://nmaas.eu

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NMaaS Infoshare Presentations

The latest NMaaS Infoshare online session took place on November 25th 2020. You can view all the slide decks below.


NMaaS Service Statistics

Following data is extracted real time from the NMaaS production service running at https://nmaas.eu. 

The displayed information comprises the total numbers of currently registered users and the number of created user domains.

This data is followed by NMaaS application specific numbers as the total number of application offered in the NMaaS portfolio, number of applications being subscribed by domain managers and number of application instances currently running in the NMaaS cloud.

NMaaS Introduction

Why do we need NMaaS?

Today’s network services are complex:

  • Heterogeneous network infrastructures
  • Increasing numbers of value-added services and features
  • Services are becoming mission critical

The cost and complexity of developing and integrating in-house network management may to too high for many NRENs and Institutions. Same time out-of-the-box solutions might not be suitable and might be costly.

NMaaS aims to support these users to provide an effective, efficient network and service management platform.

What NMaaS offers?

NMaaS simplifies intra-domain network management by providing the infrastructure and tools via a cloud-based, network management system.

It enables management and monitoring of client networks through on-demand deployment of network management tools in the cloud infrastructure.

Using a multi-tenant approach, each NREN or Institution has private access to their network and services from a highly available cloud based platform.

Who is NMaaS for?

Small and Emerging NRENs

Smaller NRENs may have limited resources to develop their own NMS

By using a shared and supported platform, NRENs can focus on the monitoring and management of their service components


NMaaS platform is ideally suited for Campus Network Management

Small Organisations

NMaaS supports the needs of institutional users, Either on an NREN managed NMaaS platform or a centralised GÉANT platform.

Distributed research projects

By using a managed platform, projects can focus on their core research and development activities.

How NMaaS works?

Shared cloud platform managed by the GÉANT Project

Each user gets an isolated tenant environment connected over a VPN to his network

Tool deployment and access via a web portal

NMaaS Tools

Tools portfolio available via NMaaS application market place

NMaaS provides a range of modular tools to support network management needs

A web-based portal provides the user front end

Users can select the tools required for their purposes and create a customised toolset tailored for their network

Additional information: NMaaS Tools

How can NMaaS be used?

Option 1 Organisation implementation

Each participating organisation offers a platform for their participating institutions

GÉANT Project co-ordinates development and standards and provides 2nd level support for the software usage

Option 2 GÉANT Project implementation

GÉANT Project offers a centralised platform for participating NRENs and/or their institutions (“white labelled”)

GÉANT Project co-ordinates development and standards and provides the 1st and the 2nd level support for NMaaS use

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