In order to contribute to RARE code, you will need to be granted access to the RARE repository in GÉANT's bitbucket. That process is fairly easy if you already have an edugain account. To ask for the access please send an email to and we will make the access happen.

Once you get access to the repository follow the following approach:

  • Fork the repository

  • With the repository forked, you have a full copy on top of which you an create as many branches as you wish and make any hacking you may imagine. So create a descriptive branch, not mySuperBranch (wink)

  • Once you have your contribution ready, you create a pull-request that will be reviewed by our team, we will work together in bringing your hacks to the main RARE branch. When you create your pull-request you just select the branch where your hacking was done and the original repos.

That's it. You are now a RARE contributor!

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