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"From on prem to the cloud and from the cloud back to the office?"

Date and Time:

Tuesday, the 26th of January 2021

13:00 - 16:00 CET

The Zoom details for the meeting are the following:

Meeting ID: 859 919 062
Passcode: NOC



(times in CET)


Trials and tribulations of DIY development: the Story of developing an in-house SNMP management tool at GÉANT -Temoor Khan and Erik Reid, GÉANT (Slides)

The growth in the services and the changes in the architecture are some of the reasons that have made GÉANT develop a new SNMP monitoring tool. This joint presentation between network and software engineers will give details about the challenges, the problems faced and the solutions found. 


Atlassian going to the cloud - Paul Rouse, GÉANT

Paul will provide the latest update on community plans around changes to Atlassian’s portfolio of products.  This is an opportunity to ask questions, find out more and get involved.


Sharing network telemetry data between NRENs and R&E organisations" - Tim Chown, Jisc and Mauro Campanella, GARR (Slides) (Mentimeter results)

There is increasing interest in sharing network telemetry data between NRENs and R&E organisations.  Use cases may include troubleshooting end-to-end network performance, analysing detailed per segment jitter along a path used by a real-time application such as LoLa.  Would you be prepared to share your network telemetry data?  If so, how might this be achieved, and what additional requirements might you have?   In this session we’ll discuss such use cases, and the technical and non-technical issues.

14:30-14:40Coffee break
14:40-15:10(NOC) Operations - what will be the new normal post COVID-19? - Jonny Lundin, SUNET (Slides)
15:10 -15:40

Latency and Jitter monitoring for real time applications: state of the arte and real cases (LoLa) - Claudio Allocchio, GARR (Slides)

In WP6 T1 we are developing a monitoring system for latency and jitter covering the whole GEANT backbone routers. A working prototype service is already running and accessible (via eduGAIN authentication) at https://timemap.geant.org . The system allows NOC operators to have a segment per segment detailed look into many parameters related to latency and jitter, and can already help a lot in debugging some issues. WP6 T1 is also studying possible semi-automated alarm triggering from the data when some conditions happen. A demo of a couple of rel accidents will be shown, too.


Final remarks, evaluation and future topics

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