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This space reports on student mobility related project GÉANT is involved in.

Erasmus student mobility keeps growing steadily over the years, and funding has been made available by the European Commission to automate the process, which was all paper-based. The European Commission launched the European Student Card Initiative,  “to enable every student to easily and safely identify and register themselves electronically at higher education institutions within the EU when moving abroad for studies, eliminating the need to complete on-site registration procedures and paperwork”. 

The European Student Card Initiative will develop an online one-stop-shop through the Erasmus+ Mobile App for students to manage all the administrative steps of their mobility period, before, during and after their stay. It will allow students to find all the information they need to have a high-quality mobility experience abroad. The European Student Card Initiative in collaboration with the Connecting Europe Facility and Erasmus+ programme is supporting the digitisation of the Erasmus processes.

Current activities

GÈANT participate in MyAcademicID project, an EC funded project that aims to enable federated access to the Erasmus applications. There are however other related project where NRENs are involved nationally, but GÈANT does not track them.

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