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  • What are the main differences between Digicert and Comodo?
  1. When any division (either for an NREN or for a Subscriber) is created, its first administrator is invited by the person creating the new division. This first administrator can register other administrators and users. No explicit contracts are needed when adding new people.
  2. Requesting validation for a domain for which you want to have certificates happens in the web interface.

  3. When applying for a domain, DigiCert may send an email to the 7 email addresses (admin, administrator, hostmaster, postmaster, webmaster, whois admin contact and whois-tech contact). The admin, administrator and whois--admin-contact appear to be preferred by DigiCert as a first attempt.
    In principle, the domain control validation is done once per domain for a three year period; not for every requested certificate again.

  4. Domain Validated Server certificates are not available with Digicert. Only Organisation Validated or Extended Validated.

  5. WildCards unfortunately doesn't have free choice Subject Alternative Names and Unified Communications (SubjAltName) certificates may also contain wildcards reversed. This is a limitation with respect to Comodo especially large proxy configurations and multi-domain Web sites suffer from it.

  • What happens to our old COMODO certificates after the contract expires on June 30, 2015?
    They will be valid until the end of the period chosen when the certificate was issued (1, 2 or 3 years)

  • What is the main difference between admins and users with respect to Certificates?

    Type Of
    Certificates and revocations
    AdminTrusted expertApplication, approval and request revocation
    UserActive system administratorApply
  • Is it possible to delete an organization after creation?
    If you are looking to edit/delete an Organization that you have submitted for validation, you will need to contact DigiCert support. 

They can edit the organization details and perform validation against the new Organization. Once the Organization itself is validated you can open its page and click 'Submit for Validation'.
This shows which administrator is validated for which certificates. This is where you can request validations for new admins


  • Is it possible to add more validations after a domain is created?
    You can add do that by:
    - select the domain from "Validation" -> "Domains"
    - click on the "View" button right next to the domain name (end of the row)
    - in the domain window, on the top-left corder there's a button "Submit for
      Validation", click that one.
    - Check the boxes you want, "OV", "EV", "Grid"

    and then these will be added to the existing domain name (after a quick


  • Is it better especially for validation to use the English name of our institutions?

DigiCert has no problems with either the original or the English version of the name. It is suggested that you simply go for original names first then add English names only if needed.
In case of eScience grid users, it is suggested to have only the ASCII grid organisation name validated for grid certificates and the other organisation name for all other categories (OV, CS, DS, EV) but NOT grid.

  • What is the link between concept of division and organization?

In the NREN division, a division is assigned to each legal entity. That legal entity defines its own organisation name and gets it through validation.
Occasionally there are more than one Organisation defined within the Division.

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