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We are collecting people and their skills from the various partners to be contributing to the project's Work Packages.


Here you can find some relevant and useful background information from partners.


Web design and branding



In Israel, there is a strong requirement to speak English before students enter University. TAU has specific English language courses designed for schools. They also have an existing network of schools to engage with.

Teaching engineering is also an area of expertise at TAU.


Bringing in the relevant results (tools) from the FORGE project

Experts in learning analytics, developments on Moodle.

OU research on Blockchain, could be the basis of a digital reward system for Up2U 

Engagement with


Responsible for communications and dissemination.

Started to list potential events and conferences for 2017.

Connecting schools in Hungary, providing eduroam and deploying IdPs at schools for facilitating access to federated services.

Also providing ownCloud based sync&share service to students with federated identity.

Providing Webconferencing (vidyo) to schools.

Operating and developing educational and research video repository


Support for dissemination [start drafting an Up2U Strawman Document]

Engagement with educators, teachers, professors

Requirements for supporting teachers in creating online (flipped) classes

Expertise in LORs

Contact to commercials such as Google and the likes developing education software


eduOER, experts in repositories

Where to find good quality content? Engagement with commercials, content developers. Offer Up2U as a delivery vehicle for them.

Social aspects for creative content production by students.

WP3 is making sure that the underlying infrastructure components/services are fit for purpose/use.

Clear boundary of responsibilities with WP4 must be agreed.


Focus on business aspects from day one.

Leverage national OER project, network of CIOs, state initiative on clouds.

Existing engagement with schools at state level.

Reuse marketing practices, analyze the environment and stakeholders, industry engagement

Marketing practices.


Flexible approach to application framework, rapid prototyping - collecting feedback - changing platforms, if needed.

Build a Subject Matter Expert Committee (6-7 people) with trusted people, regular discussions. Broaden the test-user community as we go...

Leverage existing networks of educators

Engage with all university partners on the pedagogical aspects of Up2U

Developers on board:


Legal expert, privacy and security experts are all on board.

Federated T&I expertise

Network security, CERT

Pilot coordination in WP7

Facebook-like service targeting students to be assessed

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