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0. Learning platform

Currently Moodle 3.2 in production and test

Allan (WP4)

Upgrade needed to Moodle 3.3

Allan, MichalUpgrade needed in production

Moodle 3.3

(warning) Moodle 3.2

Customization should be portable

Allan, Michal

Need someone to understand how to make design elements portable.


More custom themes for K12 education scenarios (easier, simpler interface, look&feel)Nelson

Basic Up2U branded theme is in PROD.

Other themes can be tried in TEST

How about portability of the branded theme?

(warning) Up2U Brand
Sending e-mails from MoodlePeterProvide SMTP. Currently Moodle (and other services) is unable to send e-mails.(warning)(warning)

Look into other LMS platform alternatives

Vicente, Peter


Canvas (SURFnet, NORDUnet)

(tick) at TELTEK
Integration with GWDG SSOAllan, Ralph

Customization needed for user log-in view


1.AAI integration

Currently GÉANT SP Proxy in production and

GWDG SP Proxy in test

Allan (WP4)

also WP6

GÉANT SP Proxy integration, eduGAIN and Social NetworksAllan, Dick


To be staged out as soon as the GWDG SP is working fine.


Testing the GWDG solution for non-federated user


Working in test, Ralph debugging...

Social network access must be provided before migrating to PROD

Redesign of the registration portal...

Development/debugging status unknown (warning) Ralph?

Documentation for service providers:

(tick) GWDG SP(warning)
Investigating an IdP in the cloud 



Depending on the eduTEAMS pilot outcome.

Is this task suspended for the moment?

cross (x)
Looking into the brand new GÉANT eduTEAMS (that's supposed to  solve both AuthN and AuthZ in a longer term)Peter

Pilot engagement with eduTEAMS:

Mandeep at GÉANT

Niels at SURFnet


2.Group management (Authorization)

Currently handled in Moodle

Plan to go to eduTEAMS

Allan (WP4)

also WP6

Test how Moodle handles groups, enrollments, and rights

Nadav, AllanTesting...


Moodle must share authorization information through a web service (API)Nadav, Allan
Look into Grouper, CoManage (eduTEAMS is using CoManage)Ralph, Peter

Option 1: Grouper to Moodle

Option 2: CoManage (aka. eduTEAMS Hub)

Both should be investigated and tested before we decide!

cross (x)

OAuth/CoManage integration with Moodle and all the potential LTI tools.

cross (x)

3.ownCloud sync&share

already working at Uni Munster

Illias (WP3)

FSS personal folder integration with Moodle

Integrate Münster plugin with Moodle


Integrate FSSs with Moodle:


Setup ownCloud instanceRalph

Test instance at GWDG:

We wait with setting up a production instance until we have an authorization service.

Setup CERNBox instance

Michal, Enrio

Test instance at PSNC:

TODO: integrate with GWDG SSO (warning)

We wait with setting up a production instance until we have an authorization service.

OAuth solution



what is it about (question)(warning)

Exploit Open Cloud Mesh API to federate local ownCloud instances

Imagine Up2U instances at CERN and PSNC using federated shares.

Kuba, Ralph

Engagement with the Sciebo/UniMünster people on OCM

Small GÉANT project for the CERNBox-OCM compliance development.

cross (x)

4.eduOER integration

Currently working the Moodle File Picker with the GÉANT eduOER referatory via the PuMuKIT plug-inIilias (WP3)

What to do with non-multimedia content. How to represent those OERs in Moodle.

  • PDF viewer
  • Image viewre
  • Etc.
Vicente, Ilias, Kostas

DSpace Up2U LOM-compliant repository


Running at

TODO to be moved to repo subdomain



eduOER repositories: harvesting, filtering, API

Two eduOER instances:

  1. GÉANT eduOER instance for HiEd Multimedia
  2. Up2U eduOER instance for Schools OER
Kostas, Ilias

Both eduOER instances should be hooked up with Moodle via the PuMuKIT interface.

Up2U web portal (connected to both HE and K12 end points) is staging at

Procedure to connect new repositories...

Should be running at

(tick) eduOER(warning)

5. Learning Analytics

LRS is coming up at PSNC

Michal (WP4)

also WP5

Learning Record Store setup


LRS (xAPI) is available for testing at

We wait with setting up a production instance until we have an authorization service.

(warning) Learning Locker
Moodle integrationAllan

Moodle plugin to be set up (

Anonymisation of the username in learning records (details on Trello)


Data analytics and representation

Iframe back to Moodle

Allan, Marco, Stefano, Michal, Nadav
cross (x)

And after this very interesting meeting we (TELTEK) will be more than happy to:

1. Explore the possibilities of JWPlayer (the eduOER player) to export xAPI to MOODLE and the LRS

2. Explore the complexity of upgrading Paella-Player (the Opencast dual video player) so it can export xAPI data, and not only the proprietary "usertracking" Opencast data



We think that 1 and 2 may be doable but, to work on it, a xAPI infrastructure will be needed, at least in the Up2U staging platform. (MOODLE xAPI plugin + Learning Locker).

Current status:

  • A fist implementation of a xAPI plugin for Paella-player have been developed and connected to a Learning Locker LRS, the full setup is being tested by our QA people. 
  • We plan to make this testbed available online very soon.
  • We implemented the current xAPI-video-core. This "collection of video-events" was written with regular single-stream videos in mind. It do not include multi-stream related events like name of multiple video tracks, it's size, position, etc... . We are now working together with the xAPI-video community to extend the xAPI-video-core to multi-stream.

Next steps ideas:

  • Our proposal is to upgrade the Up2U-eduOER player from the current JWPlayer to the new xAPI ready Paella-player. That way we will be able to record anonymous xAPI-video events, from any one using the Up2U-eduOER portal or the MOODLE integration.
  • After that we will improve the eduOER MOODLE integration  (PuMuKIT-MOODLE plugin) to forward the identity of the MOODLE user to the Paella-player. That way the xAPI-video info, forwarded to the LRS, will include user-ID and be non-anonymous finally.
  • Explore what can be done with the video-related data stored in the LRS.
Badges, Open Badges, blockchainAllan
cross (x)

6.Tool integration

Currently working SeLCont via LTI


  • Social tools by Commonspaces.
  • Integration of Wordpress Blog to share user experiences.
  • Third party tools like TELTEK Easy Recording.
  •  Other cloud-tools: Google Docs, Skype, etc...
  • H5P tools by Eli

Allan (WP4)

also WP5

SeLCont LTI integration

Mary, Dimitris

Need info about the demonstration at eTinning...


what's the current status (question)


eduOER via PuMuKIT pop-up

Filepicker alternative with PuMukit

Should be migrated to production.

Vicente, Ilias

Done and demonstrated at eTwinning

To be migrated to the production Moodle...


Personal Recorder - 3rd Party toolVicenteTo be integrated as a 3rd party tool - WP8 pilot !!!cross (x)
SWAN-Moodle LTI integration needs to be investigated.

Kuba, Enrico

CERN (Kuba and Enrico) on SWAN options.


SlideWikiAllanLooking into...(warning)

WebTUT integration

Rui, Nelson, Peter, Michal

Both parts of the service are available on FCCN's GIT repository:



Currently sharing sources to be published to GitHub and deployed at PSNC


WebRTC integration into Moodle

Misi, Michal, Peter

Better user experience with Knockplop needs development. It requires an additional plugin in Chrome to enable screen sharing.

Up2U instance:

Integrated to test Moodle.

(tick) Knockplop


CommonSpaces integration



Shouldn't be difficult to send the activity records from CommonSpaces to a LRS such as the Learning Locker of Up2U: I already tested a Python xAPI driver with an ad-hoc installation of the ADL reference implementation of the xAPI LRS and with the WAX LRS (Saltbox).cross (x)
H5P Project toolsEli, Nadav

Very promising first call with the H5P CEO on 17 October.

Agreement to try and implement H5P framework in Up2U.

Here is a link to H5P Moodle module, on Moodle org plugins repository:
Or on H5P own github:


7.Mobile applications

Simple auto-generated app for AndroidMichal (new) (question)(warning)

We need custom Android and iOS apps. Moodle . Mobile works for Android but the access needs to be allowed on the  server side. Investigate how to provide mobile apps easily.

Allan, Michal

Peter auto-generated a mobile app from the WordPress website.

It works with Moodle in browser too.


8.Other requirements

Single server installation

Test and production instances

Michal (WP7)

Other requirements to consider, especially  high-availability and scalability. Before we go to schools, we shall ensure that each of our installations is highly-available and has no single point of failure.

Load-balanceer, redundant front-end.... Need an architecture design!

Nadav. Michal

Deployment issues - Reliability and scalability!

Document the infrastructure!

DOCUMENTATIONVacancySomeone to coordinate all the documentations, software, infrastructure, procedures, etc...cross (x)
Quality ControlMichal

Risk Register

Andrea and GARR team

Risks must be defined and RR maintained

Trello or Gogole Sheet???

(warning) Trello & Google Sheet(warning)
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