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21 century skills & teaching methods model

1st GA notes

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The students participation was appreciated. They confirmed the difficulties in first garde university: new tools and new teaching practices. They have to me much more independent learners. Not everyone can adjust, this results in large drop-out rate in first year uni.


The primary focus of Up2U is on teachers. We put the teachers in the centre. Teachers have a changing role from being the central source of trusted information to acting more like tutors, mentors, facilitators either in a formal or informal environment. Critical thinking must be developed in kids.


We also focus on secondary education, ie. the last step before university/collage. We should leave it to the teachers judgement how old kids they want to involve in the pilots. Different tools may apply to different age groups. We should encourage mixed age groups to participate in the pilots.


There are established communities and on-going dialogue in several countries already: Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Israel, Germany,.... We should bring together these groups, share information and knowledge and harmonize.


Early feedback from "teachers we know" is essential. We need to extend the dialogues/surveying process to many countries and exchange outcome.


Common MoU template must be designed as a formal engagement instrument. Schools must sign MoU to participate in the Up2U pilots.


The charter for the Subject Matter Committee must be defined as mix of permanent members and ad-hoc expert participants in a flexible way. Different countries may have different sub-committees. Set up a hierarchical model. Charter and process must be published on the website by NTUA.


Teachers must also be trained (about tools and new skills) Some potential training programmes should be drafted.


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