1st GA notes

*WP7* - Piloting


WP7 is responsible for the technical aspects of piloting in the potential pilot countries. WP5 should be the first point of contact towards schools and teachers as they cover the pedagogical aspects.


WP5 dialogues and surveys must investigate the technical capabilities of schools and NRENs in the potential pilot countries.


Partners willing to join the pilots in any ways should contact PSNC. We are going to fix the involvement in WP7 at the earliest contract amendment.


Pilot countries must be categorized and prioritized based on their technical capabilities. "Homeless countries" with no infrastructure can use the central Up2U playground as a cloud service. Countries with infrastructure may want to federate/interconnect their own services (i.e ownCloud, repository, LMS, IdP, what have them) with Up2U. Some countries may want to take our packages software stack and replicate (if possible).


The Deliverable 7.1 in M6 should demonstrate a working prototype of the central infrastructure: storage, VM infrastructure, CDN pilot.

WP7 document store

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