1st GA notes

*WP8* - Sustainability


WP8 was not introduced at the meeting (officially the activity starts only in M6) but several references were made.


Long term sustainability of the infrastructure and services/tools must be addressed from day 1. We have to identify the business models and key stakeholders who has interest and money (not the schools, teachers and students). They are potentially: governments, foundations, NRENs, universities, educational content providers, publishers, etc.


It would be critical to understand what universities can benefit from Up2U in the first place, as we have university partners.


Alternative business models are needed for publishers with paid content. What other income source we can guarantee for them (ie. support services, training programme conductions, etc.) to get their content in Up2U for free?


We need to understand what the central infrastructure costs (CAPEX/OPEX) if we have to maintain that after the EC funding ends. Is there sufficient interest from the NRENs' side (or others)?


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