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urn:geant Registry

GÉANT administers the urn:geant Uniform Resource Name (URN) namespace, supporting the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to various kinds of resources by the GÉANT community and its delegates. This page lists registrations in this namespace.

Requests for Namespaces and Requirements

A request for a urn:geant namespace can be issued by contacting Namespaces are delegated according to the requirements set out in RFC4926.   GÉANT notes this RFC is out of date regarding contact information and company name and will be ensuring the namespace is updated as soon as possible. 

URN Namespace Delegated to Other Entities

Please see the urn namespace table for further information. 


The GÉANT URI NameSpace is an alternative to the urn:geant NameSpace when there is a need to have a well known URL that is accessible with descriptive information on its purpose.

Currently the URI NameSpace includes:

GÉANT OID Repository

In March 2006 IANA assigned the number 25178 as the Enterprise Number for TERENA.  In March 2020 this information was updated in the registry to reflect the change of organisation name to GÉANT.

GÉANT uses the Enterprise Number 25178 to:

  • create and maintain a GÉANT OID
  • register some RADIUS Attributes.

See more about the OID repository here.

If you would like to make use of the GÉANT OID Repository please contact 

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