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WISE Steering Committee minutes

13 January 2016



Alessandra Scicchitano – GÉANT

Jules Wolfrat – SURFsara, PRACE

Alf Moens – SURF

Warren Anderson – LIGO Scientific Collaboration

David Groep – Nikhef

Urpo Kaila – CSC, EUDAT

Ralph Niederberger – HBP, PRACE and EUDAT

Jim Marsteller – PSC

Magda Haver - GÉANT



Romain Wartel – CERN

David Kelsey – STFC


1. How do we treat the info of the Steering Committee and the minutes of our calls?

2. Establish which VC we can use as regular mean for our calls

3. Working group guideline. We need to create a common approach: Mailing lists?  Wiki? How do we advertise? Vice Chairs?

4. Update on the next event with XSEDE

5. AOB


1. WISE has now a website ( and Steering Committee mailing list ( How do we treat the information and minutes? As result of discussion, the group concluded to use GÉANT Wiki, with clear communication that WISE is not internal activity of GÉANT. It is also important to establish rules about restricted access. In general, the minutes can be public, but a protocol should be followed. In case of confidential parts, Magda will create an extra copy and use traffic lights codes and protocol to categorize documents. Wiki will be the main storage platform and google docs will be used for shared editing. WISE community website will be used to publish the most important information.


2. WISE Steering Committee will use Lifesize as regular VC application for the meetings. A SC “private room” has been created, same can be done for the working groups. Users will be invited in future to access the room directly and the instructions will be published on wiki.


3. Working Groups have been created and all abstracts are online.


Next WGs actions:

-       freedom is left to the WGs on how to manage their meetings and whether to have a Wiki or not. It was agreed though that anything that is produced should be published on the page of the WG on the website.

-       create mailing lists (Alessandra to create mailing list for each WG and give admin rights)

-       decide on vice chairs (Dave K, Urpo and Alph – to find a vice chair for their groups)


Comments and further actions:

-       encouragement to invite vice chairs from USA

-       keep working groups rather informal

-       focus on inviting and mobilizing more persons to participate, via using generic WISE mailing list,  publishing info from WGs meetings on the website etc

-       ensure representations from different continents and infrastructures

-       Jules to discuss WISE during PRACE security committee

-       approach participants from the Barcelona meeting, who showed interest and have

-       Urpo to talk to people at Educause Security workshop in Seattle – April 2016 and try to make presentation. Urpo will also stop in New York – anybody to meet there, please send suggestions

-       mailing lists: Alessandra to double check about spam protection; Sympa has already a spam filter and requires eduGAIN authentication fro moderators.  Start with an open list with controlled joining.


4. Two days WISE event during XSEDE conference in Miami Sunday 17- Thursday 21 July 2016 has been confirmed. Chairs and vice chairs should attend and present their work.


5. Advertising WISE community:

-       Alf during the TF-CSIRT in Prague

-       Alessandra at APAN at the end of January and at ISGC together with David

-       a generic set of slides will be created and placed on Wiki.

-       “WISE on tour” - a place on the website (under events?) to share information on who will be presenting WISE and during which events.


Next SC meeting - 25 March 3PM CET. Main focus will be on planning the Miami event.







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