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The inventory phase of this workgroup has ended. Teh Security Training and Awareness workgroup has set up a number of pages detailing the subjects for training, the target groups and defning a high level plan. If you have any questions or additions please place remarks on the corresponding pages. We are still looking for good pratices. If know any security training or security awareness material Please list it on this page or add a comment below.

These pages have been initially drawn up at the WISE workshop on March 28th 2017 in Amsterdam, with contributions from Ralph Niederberger, Daniel Kouřil, Rob Quick and Alf Moens

Existing Training Programs

TitleSubjectTarget groupLeveldurationmore info
Transit IIncident responsincident response teams 3 daysTF-CSIRT
Transit IIadvanced subjects for incident respons teamsincident response teams 2 daysTF-CSIRT
CTSC Training LinksVarious TopicsTechnical, Managerial n/a
XSEDE Information Security TrainingGeneral InfoSec trainingXSEDE UsersBeginner30-60 mins
Jisc (security) training offeringsubsidiariesdiversdiv.
RIPE training materialadmins


Security Awareness Programs

SANSOUCH, monthly awareness newsletterenglishfree
CybersaveYourselfWebsite & database of materials (games, posters, slide decks) wwww.cybersaveyourself,nldutch, englishaimed at universities
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