Working Group: the Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures (SCI) trust framework

Chair: Dave Kelsey – STFC

Vice Chair: Hannah Short - CERN

SCI (Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures) is a collaborative activity of information security officers from several large-scale infrastructures, including EGI, PRACE, EUDAT, WLCG, XSEDE, HBP and others. 

“A Trust Framework for Security Collaboration among Infrastructures” 

The SCI group, in its original document, defined best practices, trust and policy standards for collaboration with the aim of managing cross-infrastructure operational security risks. Through this work the aim has been to establish a common understanding of the security measures each infrastructure has implemented and to start work on guidelines for interoperation such as the exchange of information during security incident handling.

This working group of WISE produced version 2 of the SCI document, including a wider range of stakeholders from Research Infrastructures and national research and education networking organisations (NRENs).

The SCI-WG is currently working on:

  • guidelines for framework assessment and piloting its application.
  • development and maintenance of the AARC policy development kit (PDK)

Much of the work is performed by teleconference or email discussion. Face to face meetings are organised when necessary and where possible.

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