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The ASPIRE study is funded by the European Commission as part of the GN3 project

The ASPIRE project is being undertaken in two phases. In the first phase from April until August 2011 there will be consultation regarding the identification of a small number of topics related to the use of the Internet for R&E in the next 5-10 years. The first phase is now complete. Four topics were selected for further study in phase two.

Phase 2 of the project started in November 2011 and be complete by the summer of 2012.

ASPIRE will explore:

  • future Internet developments over the next 5-10 years in the context of the research and education community.
  • stimulating collaboration and knowledge transfer throughout the network provision and use chain: at the pan-European; national and campus levels.
  • collating and defining best practice that can be widely taken-up in Europe

ASPIRE Topics and Panels:

  • Adoption of Cloud Services in the Research and Education Community
    • Panel Leader: Andres Steijaert, SURFNET, Netherlands
    • Panel Members: Brian Boyle, HEAnet; Renaud Larsen, Juniper; Simon Leinen, SWITCH; Ingrid Melve, UNINETT; Yannis Mitsos, GRNET; Johannes Prades, Nokia-Siemens.
  • Integration of Mobility Services into NRENs service portfolios
    • Panel Leader: Stefan Winter, RESTENA, Luxembourg
    • Panel Members: Maurice van den Akker, SURFnet; Amnon Dekel, Shekar College; Mike Norris, HEAnet; Klaas Wierenga, CISCO systems.
  • Content, Data Deluge and Middleware in a Data Rich World
    • Panel Leader: Rosette Vandenbroucke, Belgium
    • Panel Members: Gill Davies, Performing Arts; David Foster, CERN; Jens Jensen, UK-STFC; Andrew Lyall, EBI; Roshene McCool, SKA.
  • The Future of NRENs
    • Panel Leader: Michael Nowlan, Ireland
    • Panel Members: Pierre Bruyère, BELNET; David Foster, CERN; Victor Reijs/Dave Wilson, HEAnet; Asher Rotkop, Tel Aviv University; Klaas Wierenga, CISCO Systems; Christoph Witzig, SWITCH.

Wiki Access

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  • If you do not yet have login credentials for the site and are part of the community please ask me for a username and password.
  • Others are able to make contributions but they will be attributed to: anonymous and may be removed if inappropriate.

Projects and Groups to Watch

There are a number of other projects, groups and individuals that are operating in this foresight space. It is imporant that ASPIRE keeps abreast of developments and recommendations being made elsewhere.

Follow these links to the original topic discussion pages (created before November 2011):

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