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(this page only applies to TNC2012 users)

Personalised link 

You should have received a link by e-mail that looks like this:


This link is personal and only meant for you - not for anyone else.

If you use the personalised link, our systems can connect the appropriate permissions, settings, and data.

Only then will you be able to edit your presentation, session details, etc.

 If you don't use the personalised link, you will still be logged in, but you will not have any of the intended permissions, settings, and data. 

So USE THE PERSONALISED LINK if you received one.

Clicking the personalised link will redirect you to our Login Page that uses federated login.

Federated login

This means that we do not provide usernames/passwords anymore; instead, you need to log in using your own institutional account.

You can click the various tabs to list country specific options:

If your institute is not listed, you can use one of the social network guest providers, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, ProtectNetwork, etc.

If for whatever reason you cannot use social networks, you should create an account at This service is provided by the Norwegian organisation FEIDE and it only needs an e-mail address.

 Once this is done, click the Guest Providers tab and select to log in.


Returning visitors


Remember which option you used to login with the personalised link.

If you return later, you will have to use the same option again.

So if you used Twitter to gain access, you should continue to use Twitter to log in.

If you use another option, for example Facebook, you will be logged in but you will not have any permissions, settings and data.

If you have any questions, please send them to



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