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Sign in process

CORE uses federated login to authenticate users. After a user is successfully authenticated CORE checks the local user database to see if the user exists. It then loads all the user data (user role, presentations by this user, submissions by this user, etc.) and persists the user in a session. See diagram for a complete overview.



SimpleSAML can be configured in application/configs/application.ini

Config value



What is the location of your SimpleSAML installation


The name of the authentication source


The unique identifier used to identify a user.


Federated attribute for first name


Federated attribute for last name


Federated attribute for organization name


Federated attribute for email address


Federated attribute for country


Log SimpleSAML attributes upon every login attempt. You have to be in development mode for this to work!

User invite

You can invite users from the user overview page. As soon as you invite a user to CORE, a green bar will appear in front of a user's name. This means that they have not yet successfully authenticated. When they successfully login for the first time the credentials you filled in will be overwritten by their respective federated attribute values.

For example, if you invite a user and the user logs in with their google account, the email address field will become: However, in the useraudit db table there will be a record of what credentials you used to invite the user. You can always access these values by clicking on the respective user row.

The time before an invitation expires can be configured in application/configs/application.ini directive core.userInviteTtl = '3 months'. The value must be of type 'Interval' as defined by PostgreSQL.

User roles

The following user roles are defined:

  • Guest (not authenticated)
  • User (logged in user, this role is defined automatically. Inherits from guest)
  • Submitter (inherits from user)
  • Presenter (inherits from user)
  • Reviewer (inherits from user)
  • Chair (inherits from user)
  • Admin

Access Control list

For an overview of what each user is allowed to do please check out /application/modules/core/models/Acl/Core.php

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