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feature requests (major only)

- higher resolutions for camera pod
- better recording export to separate streaming facilities (also metadata)
- blocked users group
- word & excell convert in share pod (same as pdf and ppt)
- better debugging during meeting

Issues/Bugs - current version (major only)

- ophaned files
- echo cancelation

Institutions covered, Number of..

AAI federation in start phase
Potentially: 48 facultyies, 100+ high schools

Users covered, Number of..

Currently: 100+ user accounts with meeting host status
Currently: 48 concurrent users per month (peak load)
Pottentially: 5000+

AC installation

version 7.5
2x200 concurrent users license
2 server license currnetly 1 in use
no shared storage yet

Integration / Development

Federated access via
Custom PHP page with soap protection
login srcript for automated creation & updating of users


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