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500 Concurrent users


Total Users: 13916
Total Hosts: 322


F5 1600 load balancer connected to 2 x Dell PowerEdge R900, 4 quad core-processorer,2,93GHz (Intel Xeon X7350). 16GB RAM.



Robert Andersson,

List of bug reports

Version 8.1.2 and 8.2
  • Cannot hear everyone in the meeting'  #182695283
    During meetings  some of the attendees can´t hear all of the others, while some can everyone.
  • Extremely high memory usage by Connect. Both by Add-in and browser.
    Both browser  and add-in use a lot of RAM. After uploading some ppt and normal usage of connect the RAM usage can grow to over 1 GB (starts around 100 MB)
  • One meeting room shows 85 attendees but only 6 are in it - #182632972
  • System not responding after clicking in connect
    In win 7 using connect in normal meeting, system not responding.
  • Problems with Chrome in Win 7 - #182665951
    Initiating the meeting in chrome and the meeting starts up in the add-in you can't close chrome because then you will also close the add-in. The problem occurs in Win 7, not in mac os and in win xp.
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