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Discussion items


Draft for the OIDF edu WG proposal more or less final. Available on github; final VC in the last week of August.


Final item in GN4.2: Pilot. Davide Start everything in 4.2 but hand the running pilot over to GN 4.3 . Some pieces are missing; e.g. the disentanglement of the minifed (to be done by Steffen). We need a list and an idea how the pilot will be run; the process to do this (who, how, where...).

Should we use also the OIDCFed SATOSA frontend for OP in the pilot?

  • SATOSA oidc-part is using the 'old' oidc-fed libs and has to be migrated. Discussion about including SATOSA in  GN 4.2 or 4.3 and how extensive the pilot should be. Pilot should start around 1st week of September. 

Should we use the Shibboleth OIDC Extension for the OP in the pilot?

  • Pilot should be based on SWAMID/Amsterdam-profile. This might impact the Shibboleth-oidc participation because of missing metadata-URI-funcionality.

Documentation/Advertisement: Does it make sense to set up a website when GN4.2 will end this year? Discussion.We will postpone this decision until we know more about the description of work of GN 4.3. Start/End of September


Andreas "alternative" oidc fed approach:,, . Lively discussion about it started in OIDF connect WG. Main changes: WebFinger, fixed client_id, slightly different signature verification, no client registration process.

The discussion entailed also: enrollment strategies, and policy frameworks.

Action items

  • Steffen Klemer will fix the missing parts and somehow start a pilot *in AUGUST* inside DFN that can be extended by RPs/OPs from other parties then.
  • Davide Vaghetti will write a draft document detailing the "Pilot Process".