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  1. ( Anass, Boro, Jan, Nebojsa, Jule, Valentin....) Call for new IdPs joining the Fticks pilot: Anass, Boro, Jan (?) -  , Jule (?),  Jan: to ask Jan Tomasek - push it through -  or get rid of eppN ?Valentin:  we also use SSP - check if these IdPs also could join - Due:  April 15
  2. ( Mario ) verify that depersonalized ePPN is not an issue with GDPR - Due:  April 15
  3. ( Miro ) Find a recipy for SimpleSAMLphp (v 1.15) for  Fticks settings and provide it to all ( and to Nebojsa in particular) - Due: April 15
  4. (Mario) - Make a F2F meeting wiki page and gather material there - Due:  March 31
  5. (Miro) : Dropping Visited Country from the proposed new format since we can get it from the FedID. Update doc and wiki. Due: April 15
  6. (Valeria, Boro) - Add plugin based on logstash in front of the collector node to send Fticks also to ElasticSearch DB - Update doc : Due: April 15
  7. (Valeria, Boro) - Implement and add to Dubravko's pilot collector node : Due: April 30
  8. (Anass) - Present the pilot to the french federation ( IdPs and SPs) in 1 month at the specific event : Due: @ French event 
  9. (Miro, Valeria, Boro, Dubravko) - Make sure to send ASAP short bio information to Jule for the Abstract at TNC18 - Due: April 2
  10. (Miro) - Submit lightning talk + poster proposal on Fticks at TNC18- Due:  April 15
  11. (Marco) -  Investigate options to generate https certificates and register hosts in DNS automatically for the Ansible toolkit - Due: May 30
  12. (Marco) - Improve the documentation on the python script utility tool to be run before running the playbooks ( template fillers) - Due: May 30
  13. (Anass) - Liaise with Frederic Loui JRA2 T5 NM-a-a-S: see if there is room for collaboration and synergies - presentation - update him on our work - Due: May 30
  14. (Jan) - Improve documentation on currenlty provided 2-docker-builds tool - better guide user through all required steps - Due: May 30
  15. (Jan, Marko) - Add containers to add more functionality - starting from LDAP and PhpLDAPAdmin ( with Marko) - Due: May 30 
  16. (Marko) - Add LDAP container to the tools developed by Jan - Due: May 30
  17. (Marko) - sort out the embedded-scripting approach - solve the LDAP "no such object" issue - Due: May 30
  18. (Valentin) - contact Tomasz Wolnievicz - - about getting from the eduGAIN Tech DB  via the API method to have a unique listing of all contacts ( admin, tech, security,..) of all eduGAIN entities - Due: 30 April 
  19. (Mario, Jule, Valentin) - Start a short document describing the use case / requirements / motivation for the SIRTFI email contacts checker tool - integrate with other tools ? - Due: May 30
  20. (Mario, Jule) - Make sure that security contacts are correctly drifting from MDS to eduGAIN technical DB - Due: April 10
  21. (Janusz) - Send to Marco the required change requests for the Ansible playbooks ( like in the case of multiple MD provider for multiple IdPs) - Due: May 15
  22. (Michael) - Add the person contact email to the input form - Due: May 15
  23. (Michael) - Include / Merge the WebClient/API doc to the Arch Document - Unify / Merge the documentation in a unique consistent doc or carefully point one from the other - Due: May 15
  24. (Michael) - Insert the new general flow schema to the Arch document - Due: May 15
  25. (Michael) - Upload the WebClient application code to the GEANT github repository - check whether additional repos are needed - Due: May 15
  26. (Boro, Mario) - Send the ugly draft idea on the gloabl proxy as drafted together- Formalize in a short note the proposal to be further evaluated / discussed - Due: May 15
  27. (Marco, Anass, Michael, Janusz) - Have a dedicated call on how to close the loop for a minimal demonstration from the WebClient to the spawned IdP on openstack cloud - Due: April 15

Pictures from the meeting:

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