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eduroam Development VC, 20181218, 1530 CET

Philippe Hanset, Anyroam US
Maja Gorecka-Wolniewicz, PIONIER
Stefan Winter, RESTENA
Stephanie, Anyroam US
Tsotne Gozalishvili, GRENA

Miroslav Milinovic, SRCE
Tomasz Wolniewicz, PIONIER/UMK


1. Welcome, agenda bashing

2. eduroam Managed IdP launch status

Gate meeting was held last week. Cleared to go with one condition (do actual backup/restore cycle to prove backups are working). This should be cleared very soon and we expect a launch announcement very early next year latest.

3. Deploying the eduroam Managed IdP software on your own servers

Current set of instructions on GEANT wiki (closed space). Stefan to tidy up wording and re-publish on a public space. Interest in either partial or complete deployment at least in Armenia and the U.S.

4. This is the end. Of GN4-2 at least. Outlook to the next years.

    GN4-2 project ends on 31 dec 2018. GN4-3 project starts on 01 jan 2019 :-) Duration is 3.75 years.
    eduroam as a whole is one task inside a T&I work package. eduroam development is happening inside that task (no further sub-designation). Budget considerably tight.
    Plans for 2019:
        1) work on eduroam Managed SP
        2) refine diagnostics (instant outreach to concerned parties; benefitting from eduroam DB v2 for those who already switched)

  • Practical considerations: technically, this VC room ends with the project. Somewhat guessing thought that it will continue as-is until further notice.

5. AOB / next VC

  • 22 jan 2019, 1530 CET

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