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  • Getting the pilot on track

Discussion items

20 minPilot

Juha is too busy with other projects to work on the pilot right now. We need someone to work on the pilot. Good idea for someone to join the people working on the use casess: Jule and Hervé. Team with development and pilot. We don't need marketing → people will know how they want and need to use OIDCfed. 

Proposal for Hervé and Jule to take over the lead on the pilot.

Hervé: for me, this is not a problem.

Jule: busy with step-up pilot, so what would it entail?

Short status report needed to know what needs to be done.

Two sides: 1. publishing roadmap and report etc. (the "red tape" side of things), 2. establish relationship with the ones that will pilot the OIDCfed and interact with them (what is needed, establish roadmap for their use cases etc.). Both as a communication team and reporting on the pilot.

Jule, Hervé and Davide will have a VC on this to discuss this further.

15 minDevelopers

Signing service needs to be done by the end of the month to be able to start the pilot.

Another developer is needed for this and for the OIDC Android RP and work with Elena on iOS. We need someone who is fluent in Java and Python.

Davide, Maarten and Ann will have a call about getting a new developer→ check about getting interns to do this within NREN's

Hard to find people. Maybe good to find a Master Student to do this. Get some well defined tasks so they can work on them.

Steffen can ask a developer he knows.

Roland will check with SWAMID operations if they know someone.

We can also look if in Australia/New Zealand if there are people there that can help with this (from their own resources).

10 minMDSS

Davide will organize a call on MDSS on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We need something where we can really have dynamically registering clients. Misha could help with this as well once we have a first proof of concept.

10 minUpdate Php and iOS development

Constantin: making step by step install and use instructions.

Elena: have to find a good path to conversion of the iOS libraries.

Roland will send out email to find help on the libraries for Elena

5 minAOB

Davide will not be at our next VC.

Call about signing service: Wednesday 14.00 CET, Davide will send out an invitation.

Action items