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  • Updates and May Workshop

Discussion items

5minStarting upDavideLong time, no see, due to traveling and moving house.
20minSome brief notes from IIW

Roland and Davide are creating a working group inside Open ID Foundation with the  specific profile of research and education as regards to Open ID Connect. Complementary activity, not for implementing federation, but how to use Open ID Connect in research and education. Similar working groups for healthcare etc. already in place.

Hervé and Jule can work on this, as it corresponds with their work in the OIDCfed group.

Broad outlines for what this group should do, still working on that, very much community-driven. This should not go on forever and ever, should be done in about a year of hard work. Maybe first draft done at TechEx in the Autumn.

The meeting with the people from OIDC REFEDS etc. will be on Wednesday April 17, people who will need to join this meeting will get an invitation for it.

Davide Vaghetti will report back on this next week.

The call for participation for TechEx deadline is April 27 (, Maarten Kremers will look into submitting something.

10minOIDCFed May workshop

On May 15 and 16, there will be a workshop in Amsterdam. Creating standard deck of learning materials on OIDC, both for online and offline sessions. Dissemination materials as well for stakeholders and decision makers. 

Roland and Alejandro, Misha and people from the AARC project will be there. This is not an open event, only by invitation.


Brief report on the meeting with the core shib-dev-team. First meeting in a year. Not many comments. Janne will have to make some JRA tickets for the core shib-dev-team. Stateless code made, but it can't make complicated attributes. There was some discussion about this. Scott feels that we have to do statefull code, but we are still looking into the possibilities with stateless code. Maybe provide both options?

There will be another meeting next week on Wednesday with the core shib-dev-team to discuss this further.

Link MemcachedStorageService Shibboleth:


Steffen will have four hours a week for JRA3T3 starting next month. Davide Vaghetti will plan a VC with Steffen to discuss his tasks.

Action items