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1hUpdatesALL- Shibboleth Extension:
  Davide: Shib Maintainer notes an operational problem with our extension concerning the storing of the 'state' of sessions. A solution from Henri+Janne was presented and feedback of Shib Maintiner was good.
  Henri: First idea was to save the 'state' encrypted inside the authorization token code without saving it at all. Shib Maintainer proposed to save attributes in the shibboleth sessions to be compatible with some special shib attribute providers. Other options to cache the state like memcache/Redis are not at the near future roadmap atm. They could be useful but we might get performance/locking problems because of the specific shib implementation.

Proposal for Tech-Exchange in October: Deadline ist 27th: Proposal for 1h talk+demo for the Shib-OP extension? Or better have a session for the whole oidc-fed project? Davide: 1h is pretty short for a technical session, better to separate both topics. Start of a edu-federation working group inside openid together with refeds (and?) and present this at TechEx. Davide will clarify this with Maarten until Tuesday.

Henri: Plan to have a 1/2 day hands-on workshop on Shib-OP for Shib-Admins.

- iOS-RP: Elena: Major crypto obstacles (JWK-PEM-conversions) are out of the way and now it's mostly implementation.
- Steffen: Building an OP an RP with the "new" python libraries in the next weeks.
- Davide: Working Group inside the OpenID Foundation planned. Already taken contacts with REFEDs OIDCre wg and CACTI. First target: How to transform the eduPerson schema to OpenID? compare and
Midterm target: Create a R&E profile for OpenID.

- Signing Service: Slow progression by Davide. Steffen might help after catching up.
- Pilot: Vague plan is to have some announcement around TNC.

Action items