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  • Task updates

Discussion items

5 minOpeningDavideLast meeting for Charlie, she will be starting as productmanager privacy and security at SURFnet from June 1 onwards, but will be at TNC to say hi and goodbye in person (smile)
40 minNew Mini-Fed example on 'new' oidcfed-python libDavide, Steffen, Roland

New Mini-Fed example on 'new' oidcfed-python lib:

  • Roland: "Good enough for pilot"
  • a management-tool for the federation operator is missing -- it's managed with scripts at the moment
  • also tools for the RP and OP admins are missing (key-handling stuff)
  • discussion about the necessaty for  more docs and tools for the 'simple' out-of-band minifed (... conclusion?)
  • SWAMID-profile-minifed might come next week; this also has first enrollment and other federation-handling- scripts etc.

  -> discussion about federation handling, enrollment process, metadata/claim-insertation

Conclusion: we will set up a portal that is open to everyone, we need accounts for this. Process:

* FE: web form: the user fill in the form its own emai address AND organization (form to upload a PDF!! overkill)

* BE: an admin evaluate the request and approve it

* BE: sends an email with a link+timed token to the user

* FE: the user follow the link: create an organization AND its own account

* FE: the user access the web app with the account AND finally create an entity enrollment request

  -> discussion about the exact steps involved

5 minAndreas' proposalAndreasAndreas proposal: alternative approach of OIDCfed with asymmetric keys, wrote an article as an introduction how this is supposed to work.
5 minAmsterdam meetingDavide

Amsterdam meeting: Davide will send around the google doc of the Amsterdam meeting

First 'advertisement' texts by Steffen:

5 minTNCSteffen, Davide

Some people will not be at TNC, so we will try to set up a remote participation for those not attending

Maarten will check how remote participation can be arranged at the TNC Meeting

Action items