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Discussion items

10minSWAMID-profile Mini-Fed example on 'new' oidcfed-python lib
 50minAgenda OIDC-fed-day at TNC   
  • Introduction on OIDC Federation standard (why do we need this? some technical infos on the standards draft) --> Roland
  • OpenID Connect Federation Profiles (simple, SWAMID/Amsterdam) --> Roland
  • AS' profile --> Andreas; Maarten will inform him
  • How to model Policy Frameworks (Sirtify, CoCo...)? (as federations?, as attributes?...) ... We should discuss the question how we could model this but more how the authorities want to have this. This could change because oidc-fed is more flexible in this than SAML. ---> Davide
  • Status-Update for Software:
    • Shib-Extension --> Janne
    • Python libraries --> Roland
    • oob/swamid profiles POCs --> Roland
    • AppAuth; Android and IOS --> Elena
  • Pilot: What is already there? What do you need to run a pilot? What do you think is missing? --> Maarten

Action items

  • Davide Vaghetti will create a web page/form to handle the metadata (entity information) for the MDSS for this mini fed; as separate app that will  write the keys and info into the right directories
  • Maarten Kremers will invite Andreas to talk about his oidc-fed ideas
  • Maarten Kremers will sent invitation mails for OIDCfed-day at TNC to all relevant mailing lists