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Discussion items

Maarten, Davide, Jule, Steffen, Constantin

Proposal OpenID foundation edu WG;

   Maarten, Davide, Steffen

Policy Frameworks: How to support them?

  • Outcome of discussion @TNC:
    • we need sth. more general to extend metadata as entity categories/attributes in SAML to *express* the policies -- to be done
    • no real discussion about the implementation of the 'trust'-part; might stay the same as in SAML (via the federations)
  • Davide proposes to have some kind of certification program for educational claims
  • Steffen: It might simply be an edu_claims claim in the JWT which itself is a container for all 'our' categories/attributes/claims?

Maarten, Davide, Steffen, Constantin

Discussion: Where to put the Research/Scholarship "eduGAIN 2.0" work for OIDC?

  • agreement: NOT inside OID foundation WG
  • edu claims in the JWT: definitely INSIDE OID foundation WG
  • try to stay close to REFEDS (also needed for WG application)

Action items