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Discussion items

  • aarc has activities about trustworthy OIDC client registration. This is about the SP/RP-parts and SP-Proxies. Davide proposed an OIDCfed Pilot in aarc. Nikhef and IGTF proposed there to use vanilla OIDC clients with some kind of dynamic "proxy" or daemon running on the same host in front of or next to it that 'statically' configures this one. They have some baseline idea of 1-day key-renewing. There will be a very simple pilot.
20min OIDF edu WG all- updates on the draft charter from Niels van Dyjk and some people from the OIDF. (Thanks to Davide for pushing this through!)

- REFEDS meeting about this is planned by Davide to get everybody together (GÉANT, Internet2, AARNet...)
- Goal: end of month to finish the charter proposal
- NRENs that recently joined OIDF: Internet2, SURFnet, SUNET, Canarie, SWITCH

20minminifed and dockerall

Discussion about docker: is it necessary to have multiple different docker images? To be useful and have multiple RPs for example: yes! Davide: in bootstraps RP, MDSS _AND_ OP with 3 different things in 3 directories that you might have to share among all parties. Someone should disentangle this. Steffen Klemer will look at it in 3 weeks. Constantin: docker scripts are here:

Action items

  • Davide Vaghetti further circulate the OIDF edu WG draft charter
  • Davide Vaghetti plan meeting with all parties that should be involved in OIDF edu WG
  • Steffen Klemer extend SWAMID minifed to be able to spawn single RPs, OPs etc.
  • everybody: keep on with getting the OIDF IPR policies approved in their NRENs/organisations.