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Discussion items

  • Summary of oidf connect group vc: Roland and Andreas should work together to peel out the main differences. Next VC in 2 weeks.
  • Roland: One of the main differences between oidc-fed draft and Andreas' proposal ('JWT Federations') is the fact that latter pushes the RP on the same 'level' as the OP whereas usually a RP only exists next to an OP.
  • Roland explains 2 more differences that Steffen can't note that fast while trying to understand them
  • Steffen: Very important to stay close to OpenID connect to not get into a niche. How is this possible with Andreas' proposal?
  • Roland: JWT Federations changes the registration process in quiet fundamental ways
  • oidf R&E WG proposal: nothing new; all fine
  • New oidc discovery mechanism; see mailing list
  • Roland: good progress on java library by Janne+Heni
  • Maarten: Call4Manpower for GN4.3 came around. Please apply! oidc R&E-profile will be in 'eduGAIN' task; federation *might* be in the incubator task; not decided yet.

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