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Discussion items

10minOIDF R&E WG approved
  • Next steps: we have to have an initial meeting/kickoff and name some key positions

  • Call: Monday (Oct, 1st) 4pm CEST

 15min Summary NORDUnet-conf 
  • harmonization of Andreas' proposal and OIDCfed are coming along and turns out to be possible
  • 1st harmonized draft by Roland and Andreas expected beginning of October
                  • Talks on the conference about Shib-oidc and OIDCfed -- not much response
10minNext meetings
TecEx, OpenID-Workshop@VMware (who can present us there? -> Monday call), Internet Identity Workshop
5minSoftware for pilot
Steffen will give an update by the end of the next week.
5minOIDC OP extension for SSP

OIDC OP extension[1] for simplesaml does work (with some small glitches); lacks federation feature obviously ;)