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Discussion items

  • Davide: Played around with OIDC OP for simplesaml from to get INFN (Italian HEP group) into the pilot. Found some bugs, created some git PR for upstream project and libs.
    Roland: They should try to get into the certification program and/or use the certification tool as soon as possible.

  • Steffen: ported python fedoidc and swamid-fed example libs to latest changes in JWTConnect cryptojwt. Sclifos Constantin offered to containerize it then.
    Start an independent, open MDSS on Fri, Oct 19th.
    Remote Hackaton: Oct 22nd to 24th ~1pm to 5pm CEST Communication via

  • Henri: 1st shib oidc tutorial next week. New: Support for revocation endpoint. Some refactoring going on.

  • OIDF R&E WG: Discussion about the presentation of the WG at OIDF meeting at VMware. 3 people are there: Nathan Doors, Nick Roy and Roland. We would like to have Roland give it.

  • fed-OIDC harmonization of Andreas' draft is coming forward. Adnreas and Roland are playing around with ideas, writing code to proof it. Roland will present it at OIDF meeting and IIW.

  • Trying to have the next meeting on 10 minutes BEFORE the regular schedule.

    You've been invited to a DFNConf meeting:

    name of the meeting room: trusttech

    number of the meeting room: 97930949

    You have the following possibilities top participate:

    1. Using a Browser in Windows, MacOS, Linux:

    2. Using a SIP/H.323 room system or a SIP/H.323-Client:

      H.323: 004910097930949

    3. Using a phone (only audio): Dial 0049 30 200 97930949

    4. Via Skype/Skype for Business:

    5. Mobile with a smart phone: You have to install the Pexip App from


      Inside the App go to:

    Notice: You might have to wait until your organizer enters the meeting room or just use the PIN 1111.

    As etherpad we might use

Action items