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  • Topics:

    * Submission proposal for TNC19, three main presentations:

      * Chris Philips on the many R&E OIDC initiatives and WGs;

      * Roland Hedberg on the OpenID Connect Federation standard;

      * Davide Vaghetti on the OpenID Connect Federation tools;

    * Shibboleth OIDC Extension:

      * the latest release became a GN4-2 JRA3T3 milestone: congrats Janne and Henri!

      * add a development roadmap that includes the OIDC Federation support

      * warn the new "owner" (GN4-3 WP5 Task2 leader Niels Van Djik) of the development process about the roadmap.  

    * Comments and feedback on the new OIDC Federations draft (0.6)

      * Mischa's comments are very much welcom from Roland

      * We've decided to tag the comments that should become full issues onm github.

      * Might be good to have a "How to contribute" section somewhere in the repo.

         *  AOB

            * Welcome to Wolfgang that will substitute Steffen for the rest of the project.