Create a plan of action and a division of work on how to reach OpenID Connect federation (TrustTech OpenID Connect Federation)


  • Introductions of team and areas of expertise
  • Review of work done so far
    •  a) presentation by Roland on his proposal
    •  b) presentation by Janusz on the work of the OTTO Workgroup
  • Identify the end goal of the development – what is the ideal outcome?
  • Identify the tasks needed to undertake to get from where we are now to that ideal state
  • Assign resources to those tasks based on expertise available
  • Put together timelines for tasks and identify the critical path


Please register you're attendance (or apology) for the OIDC workshop:



Life Science Center Keilaniemi
Keilaranta 14, Espoo


Date & Time

Start: Thursday 17 Nov, 2016 around 09:00
End:  Friday 18 Nov 2016 around 13:00 

More information on Location, Transport and Location

Logistics OJOU and OIDCfed workshop 2016

More information / organisation

Maarten Kremers - maarten.kremers@surfnet.nl


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