Based on findings from AARC and REFEDS, pilot and implement the recommendations on the Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity (SIRTFI) in the eduGAIN operational context.


1.4eduGAIN Incident Management Platform Integration Type Month Responsible Comments
1.4.1Design Phase    
 Requirements Gathering: eduGAIN central role 

Thomas B



Definition of basis function as both initial support and future requirements.
Initial process for phase one.
Participation at best efforts basis in AARC "tests".
Interviews with SPs / FOs / IdPs.  Thomas B in progress.

 BCP: Sirtfi in eduGAIN M12 Nicole

Provide provisional suggestions first then use surfnet & switch pilots to provide final.

Delayed due to issues finalising the SAML Profile. 

Incident Response Framework Template for Federations

TBA. New proposal suggested required by Nicole.  See the InCommon example.
 Update eduGAIN CBA  Justin?? Not sure what this was supposed to be?
 Design Tooling M18 ??Check federation experience first
1.4.2Pilot M1-M18 We may want to split piloting central support and NREN take-up
 Support takeup by NRENs Ongoing  AARC are sending test cases so this is being piloted whether we want to or not.
 M9.4 SIRTFI Pilot ReportEC MilestoneM20  
1.4.3Transition to production M18-M20 Need to define what production means for this since implementation is not our scope

Current Status



GREY  Milestone M9.4: SIRTFI Pilot Report, M20, Report

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