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This subtask has been addressing the need to elevate the authentication assurance within eduGAIN.

Develop profile(s) and minimum requirement documents for including two-factor support in eduGAIN. 

Design and implement two-factor approach. Pilot in research communities. 




Profile Work, Liaison with REFEDS Assurance WG and AARC2

REFEDS Assurance Suite: Composed out of 3 REFEDS Specifications

Step-up Authentication, Liaison with GN4-2 JRA3 T2 (RASP) and AARC2

Document: Evaluation of possible LS AAI pilot solutions for StepUp.pdf

SIRTIFI Self Assessment Tool

The tool contains the essential features for a Self Assesemt regarding SIRTIFI. , i.e. reading IdP entities from Haka metadata, importing them to the tool, and inviting them to fill the Sirtfi survey (at Limesurvey). It also offers API endpoint for Haka resource registry to fetch information about fulfilled surveys. Two organizations (CSC and University of Helsinki) have already successfully used the tool for filling up the Sirtfi survey.

Source code:


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