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at 10:00 CET

Discussion items

5 minsOpen Actions: Meeting notesAll
20 minsGeneral Round-Table UpdatesAll
10 minsVCs at meetings: how are we managing, what are the problemsAll
5 minsCode of Conduct for eventsAll
10 minsTF / SIG Secretary RoleAll
10 minsNext steps repository workDaniel
5 minsAOBAll


  • Internal infoshare - needs to include something on how to get your items on the agenda and what the meetings are all about as they run very differently.  Definitely move forward with this.
  • Nicole has spoken to Rosanna about chair profiles in CONNECT.  Alf would be a good place to start.  Also Tim Chown would be a good person.

General round-table updates:

  • Laura - all good meeting has happened and not yet in the next phase of planning.
  • NOC happening in Rome, 45+, all good!  MSP - dates confirmed in March in Cyprus. 
  • Sigita - SIG-ISM all good and folllow ups.  Joint meeting with WISE.  CLAW has reached capacity and waiting list only.
  • Brook - NGN is all good, similar numbers to NOC. 
  • Rosanna - has produced a report on the task forces and sigs.

VC Offering

  • people who sign up for VC tend not to stay for the whole meeting and drop in and out.  Getting more and more people presenting remotely and that can be problematic.  Technical support can be an issue.  No more than one remote presenter per meeting.
  • what is the expectation settings?  people are saying there has to be.  It's OK if it in an NREN but other locations are difficult.
  • Extremely difficult for secretaries where there is only 1 secretary present.
  • Can we have mini-meetings with just VCs to support the big meetings. 

Code of Conduct

  • Should cover all events.  Keep it simple.  Build into eventr. 
  • "Note well" type document for meetings in the syle of IETF / RIPE. I pager that is shown at the beginning of meetings. 
  • Nicole Harris to reach out to Cathrin / Steffie about extending the TNC code of conduct to all events.  

TF and SIG Secretary / Coordinator Role

  • Valter has asked us to produce a job description for the TF and SIG coordinator / secretary role.  Nicole has put up a blank document at: Task Force and SIG Secretary Role
  • Need to include: liaison with chair, domain knowledge, how different each group is (own culture).
  • Send to Chairs and SC members.
  • All to add to role document.


  • keywords needed. 
  • time to push it up to Cathrin and Klaas.
  • Zenodo - main problems are APIs and the lack of SSO. 
  • Nicole Harris to raise next steps for the repository with Klaas, Cathrin, Annabel and Daniel.