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at 10:00 CET

Discussion items

5 minsOpen ActionsAll
20 minRound Table
5 minsMeeting Notes for EC Funded Meetings
10 minsFailure of Slack Experiment?
5 minsTask Force and SIG Secretary RoleAll - have you provided comments?
5 minsCode of Conduct for GEANT EventsHave you read and commented?
5 minsAOB


Travel approval process for 2019 on.

Last call for 2018 - date and handover



  • Gyöngyi Horváth to check with activity leader for GN4-3 regarding the travel approval process and report back the next coordination call. Nicole Harris to share the budget for GN4-2.
    TF-CSIRT - For the September meeting a potential national CERT offered to host but with the condition not to allow some other national members to attend. This has been raised to the exec level of GEANT and agreed that discriminating is not inline with GEANT's values and principles. For future the Code of conduct will be in place which will support such arguments.
  • All to check with Rosanna Norman regarding the future meeting dates on the website vs wiki - suggestion to have the link from the website to the wiki.
  • Paying for catering at events.  What are the parameters where this can be done?  An example is a proposal for the upcoming SIG-ISM / WISE meeting.  LITNET offered to host is for ~60 pax, lunch should be paid or co-funded by the project. The funding process needs to be clarified because of the rules (external people...etc) Gyöngyi Horváth to contact Annabel and Tryfon to clarify this by the next meeting. 
  • Next date of the meeting is 11 December 2018 at 11:00.

General round-table updates

  • Joint meeting SIG-NOC and MSP - enabling remote attendance. Brook Schofield to document the process and technology used in this particular meeting - what is the good and bad practice. Next time coordinate the planning of future VCs.
  • Follow up: blogpost, meeting minutes.
  • SIG-NGN - Steering committee members staffed up, CESNET chairing and became more active. December 6 is the next coordination meeting and hosted by SUNET in Stockholm. Brook Schofield to contact Rosanna Norman for the website. Attendee list will be published on the wiki.
  • SIG-NOC training - the contract is with Nigel.

Meeting notes for EC funded meetings

Link above in the agenda is to the Box folder. Nicole asked Tryfon to confirm that this was the right process and he confirmed it. Blog posts (as notes from meetings).

Failure of Slack experiment

There was a TF and SIG community open slack channel created after TNC17 however there was no use of this channel. Currently a few TF and SIG chairs using the NREN slack channel which is a closed channel

  • Nicole Harris will contact those chairs and inform them that TF and SIGs are open and those should be rather used.

Proposal to role this over to the next meeting and get feedback from the others.

Task Force and SIG Secretary Role

  • Next project phase doesn't have an internal PMA to support TFs and SIGs. Gyöngyi HorváthNicole Harris to discuss in the continuity and bring up the not over-bridgeable internal tasks (e.g. volunteer agreement, payment for lunches...etc).